My new packaging!


This is something I have been very excited about: my new packaging!

I decided my wedding DVDs needed some lovely packaging worthy of their contents, and I spent a long time finding this packaging made of 100% recycled materials (and it's all paper or card, so recyclable too!). The only part you can't recycle is the DVD itself, and let's be honest, you'll probably want to hold onto that for a while (at least until you get those photos printed...).

The stamps were custom made by Doodle Stamp on Etsy and I can't use them enough! I'm still practising though, so please forgive any uneven inking...

The DVD is first carefully wrapped in recycled tissue paper (colours may vary).

Then it's time for my business card, and lovely letter to the lucky newlyweds... handwritten, of course. On recycled card. [My current batch of business cards aren't recycled, but my next one will be!]

Then the whole thing goes into these flat-pack boxes, and stamped with some fun rubber stamps.

On this occasion I personalised the front of the box with some lovely stationery the couple had at their wedding (how cute are the penguins!), but it would usually just have your names and wedding date on the front, with 'Wedding Photos' inked across the side so you can find it easily in a bookshelf.

And then the whole thing is wrapped in kraft paper, addressed to the new Mr & Mrs and put in the post! The box fits through letterbox flaps so there shouldn't be any hassle when you receive the photos.

[The lovely backdrop to these photos is probably my most prized possession - a quilt my grandmother made for me, and as she knew she wouldn't have time to finish it she passed the job on to my mum, who completed the quilt with many cuddles from my cat. So special.]

And voilà! Franglais packaging. Let me know what you think!