Stockholm at dawn

During my visit to Sweden last week, we decided to take a night train to get from Malmö (in the Southern region of Skåne) to Stockholm. This would have been a great idea, had it not been for the screaming baby and group of middle-aged Swedes who deemed talking at the top of their voices perfectly acceptable, whatever the time.

View of Stockholm from the stadshuset, or town hall

It did mean we arrived in the capital just before 6.30, just after the sun had risen. And for those of you who haven't been, Stockholm is a beautiful city whose centre is largely built on islands.

Stockholm at dawn.

A study in mirrors

Two photographs of Jess from her wedding in Somerset last Saturday. The hotel, Maunsel House, where she got ready was full of eccentric and beautiful items, and I just had to make the most of this mirror!

On a side note, this post is being uploaded from Lima, Peru! I'm on Christmas holiday here - enjoying the hot weather as I go through these wedding photographs. It's pretty nice ;) I'll post a full feature sometime in the coming weeks.

Becky & David, Mythe Barn, June 2013

A selection of my favourites from Becky & David's wedding, a lovely (if pretty rainy!) June wedding. Enjoy! 

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