Founding Franglais Photography: Matt & Sarah, August 2009

Ever wonder how a photography business begins? This is how mine started...

I was invited to the wedding of some family friends of ours, over in Coventry. We were staying at the groom's house, and at some point I got out a book I had stuck some of my pretty portraits in and showed the groom's mum (this is the day before the wedding) . She says, "Oo, show that to Matt! He would love to see them!"

And so I go and show the groom. 

The groom, Matt, then asks if I can take a few pictures the following day too, so they can have another angle to their official photographer's. I say yes - as long as there is absolutely no pressure on me to deliver, and as long as they don't pay me anything at all for it. Shooting someone's special day is scary stuff! 

So I bring along my camera, and try not to get in the official photographer's way, and take as good photos as I can, in the hope that a few will turn out nicely. I took over 3000 that day. 

Here are some of those photos, revisited, four years later. They're probably quite different to what you're used to in my photos, but they're how I started.

Happy anniversary Matt and Sarah! And thank you for putting your trust in me four years ago - you allowed me to start something off, almost by accident, which has grown into a real passion of mine.